ChemPort Connection
OpenURL Compliance and Specifications
ChemPort is compliant with OpenURL version 0.1 for those who have chosen to use the OpenURL format for their ChemPort In-house Links. An In-house Link Test tool is provided for demonstration.

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The following parameters are provided by ChemPort:

Service Identifier (SID)

The SID will vary depending on how ChemPort is being used. The values consist of the vendor and database originating the link. For CAS, the SID values will be one of the following:

  • CAS:<file name>
  • STN:<file name>

  • Standard OpenURL 0.1 Parameters

    The following parameters may also be sent when appropriate for the document in question:

  • issn
  • volume
  • issue
  • coden
  • id
  • isbn
  • date
  • spage
  • genre
  • title
  • stitle
  • atitle
  • aulast
  • aufirst
  • auinit
  • auinit1
  • auinitm

  • Private Identifier (PID)

    The PID field will also be present. The purpose of this field is to provide a location for any non-standard data, that is, data that does not conform to the OpenURL 0.1 standard. The following parameters can be provided in the PID by ChemPort:

  • authfull
  •  (first author's full name)
  • repnum
  •  (report number)
  • source
  •  (document source)
  • corpsrc
  •  (corporate source)